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An affordable Linux VPS Hosting plans with dedicated resources & unlimited traffic.

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Secure Linux VPS Hosting

It offers budget-friendly Linux VPS Hosting plans in India, equipped with all the essentials to function as a fully private or independent server, including optional root-level access. The VPS plans provide a more private and flexible hosting solution, delivering increased power, security, and control. Our VPS server is situated in a world-class data center. Prioritize access to technical support with expertise in server configurations. Purchase VPS hosting now!

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Features of Linux VPS Hosting ​

Virtual Console Access

For quick recovery, regain access to your virtual server by connecting via console.

DNS Management

Easily create domain zones and edit records directly from your Client Area.

RDNS Configuration

Streamline reverse DNS (rDNS) self-management, minimizing the time spent reaching out to support.

LIVE Stats

Monitor your resource usage live in our reliable Linux VPS Hosting. Activate alerts to prevent memory, CPU, or network overuse.

Instant Deployment

Obtain your instance in three simple steps! Configure your Best Linux VPS, fill in billing information, and start using your virtual server in 60 seconds.

Full Root Access

Enjoy full control and flexibility with various Linux OS instances – CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, SuSE in our Affordable VPS Hosting.

Popular Linux OS

Create a strong environment with a wide range of popular distros : Ubantu, Debain, Fedoara, CentOS and Suse with our Linux VPS Hosting Plans.

Scalable Resources

Secure additional resources to meet your growing requirements! Tailor your Virtual Server in the Client Area and manage costs effectively with our affordable Linux VPS Servers.

Geolocated IPS

Benefit from geolocated IPs to reduce latency, enhance your SEO capabilities, and localize your online business. Our cost-effective Linux hosting in India is ideal for your online ventures.

Windows VPS Hosting. Cost-Effective & Scalable.

Acquire Fast, Secure, and scalable Windows VPS Hosting servers at a discounted price. Experience 25x faster speed, the latest Gen Intel CPUs, DDoS Protection, Faster RAM, 99.9% uptime, and availability in 11+ global regions.

Didn't reach your expectations?


Linux Reselller Hosting

Empower your business with scalable solutions.


Per Month

20 GB Disk Space
400 GB Transfer
50 Websites


Dedicated Sever

Unparalleled power, performance, and security assurance for businesses.


Per Month

1 TB Enterprise Grade SATA III
10 TB Transfer
1 IP Address

Windows VPS Hosting

Robust, scalable, secure performance solution.


Per Month

50 GB Disk Space
500 GB Transfer
2 GB Ram

Frequently Asked Questions

A VPS, short for Virtual Private Server, is precisely as its name implies – 100% private, ensuring that server resources are exclusively dedicated to you. This setup eliminates the need to share private resources with others, offering an experience akin to having your private dedicated server, albeit in a virtual environment. The term 'virtual' signifies that a partition of the physical server is allocated to you. In VPS hosting, you enjoy complete root access, enabling the installation of your preferred operating system and the flexibility to develop and work on your web application with unparalleled freedom.
Both VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) and VPS services share similarities, but distinctions exist. With a Virtual Private Server, you have the capability to create multiple instances on a single dedicated server. Conversely, a Virtual Dedicated Server functions similarly but occupies the entire portion of the dedicated server.
Yes, our affordable VPS Hosting plans provide a dedicated IP address to the user.
VPS Hosting emerges as the optimal choice for specific projects demanding unmatched stability and ample resources within a budget. Dedicated resources are exclusively allocated to you, granting complete control over your RAM, CPU power, and disk space. In VPS hosting, meticulous resource management ensures stability, even during high CPU usage periods or resource-intensive tasks, without impacting the overall server stability.
For those embarking on online businesses, personal blogs, or running small websites, shared hosting proves to be the perfect choice. However, issues may arise when employing shared hosting for high-traffic or resource-intensive projects. Tailored for beginners, shared hosting offers 24/7 customer support, with an expert team ready to assist with various problems or concerns. In contrast, the Best VPS Hosting provides absolute control over your resources. Each affordable VPS hosting plan guarantees heightened stability and supreme control over resources. Manage your Burst RAM, CPUs, choose your preferred OS, and exercise root access control.
Inexpensive VPS Hosting is specifically crafted for users with technical expertise. If you demand abundant resources and seek optimal control without the expense of a private dedicated server, or if you intend to operate resource-intensive web applications, websites, databases, online game servers, or other high-end projects, affordable VPS hosting emerges as the ideal choice.
Please get in touch, and our technical expert support team will answer all your questions.
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